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In all locations we hire only the best guides to insure an amazing and seemless experience.

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All safari camps, lodges and locations are hand picked based on personal experience and client expectations

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We work with the clients to insure the initerary matches the client budget and desires

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Our safari trip with Ann was our second safari and there simply is no comparison. Previously we stayed at Lion Sands in Kruger National Park. Although that trip was amazing, the trip to Kenya with Ann took the experience to an entirely new level of WOW! Ann has made this trip so many times that she knows all the little tricks to seeing and/doing all the greatest and coolest things, while avoiding the items that waste time or are of no value to the trip itself.


Ann’s value cannot be overstated. She knows the customs, knows the geography, and has a close, working relationship with the people. The Kenyans love her and greet her like family. This relationship allows her guests access to the best resorts, the best viewing times, and the best guides. When you travel with Ann, you are traveling as a VIP and everybody knows. She helps you with customs. She helps you with your travel visa. She meets you at the airport. She arranges for everything, and all you do is sit back and be astonished at the great service as you experience the best African Safari anywhere on the continent. Once you travel with Ann, you will never travel to Africa again without her. We are already planning our next trip—taking the rest of the family!

Jim Norman, MD
Tampa, FL

Traveling on trips to Africa with my family can certainly be stressful during these COVID times, however traveling on a trip planned by Ann has always made things much better, and has taken the stress away so our wonderful safari begins at the airport… Her knowledge of Africa and years of experience has earned her a top notch reputation as one of the top travel guides for Africa in the nation. She has an amazing skill of selecting the right custom agenda for each party…I will never plan a trip without Ann’s guidance

Keehln Wheeler
Atlanta, GA

Ann's knowledge and passion for Africa is astonishing and shows immensely when she customizes your adventure.

Justine Story

Atlanta, GA

If you are thinking about going on a safari, don't look any further than Ann Owens. She has an incredible depth of knowledge in safaris and makes sure her clients are getting a true and genuine experience. She has a longstanding relationship with the local guides which provided us  with very special, personalized game drives as well as insight into the Masai culture. She accompanied our trip to Kenya this year where we had unbelievable experiences on a daily basis and she easily took care of every possible travel detail.   I could not imagine having wanted to see or do more.

Peggy Watson
Tampa, FL

Wildebeest migration

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

J.R.R. Tolkien

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